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  • American Orthopedic 295-200 cast cutter (New, in box)


    The American Orthopedic 295-200 is possibly the most widely purchased cast saw available today. The Model 295 is a proven performer with 50 years of reliable service history. It is powerful, relatively quiet, and best of all…serviceable!  Thats very important , because many saws being sold today at lower prices cannot be repaired. You may not be told this when you purchase saws made in foreign countries, but repair parts are simply not available. You then realize that whatever you spent for a “bargain” saw, is a 100% lost investment. American Orthopedic saws are infinitely repairable. That makes their cost of ownership over time… be pennies!  This saw is a wise choice for all specialties of orthopedics and other sub-specialties in the field of medicine and surgery.

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  • American Orthopedic 295-200 Blade Hold-down Hrdwr


    This is the correct hardware for the American Orthopedic, BSN, Zimmer, DePuy, and M-pact (blue exterior paint color) saws. These saws were all made by American Orthopedic for several large orthopedic products companies. This set of “hold-down” components contains the three essential parts needed to secure the blade firmly against the shaft octagonal drive, to prevent unwanted rotation of the blade. Includes directions (diagram) for proper installation.

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  • American Orthopedic Model 295-200 Cast Cutter Saw (Refurbished)


    This saw is modeled after the Stryker 840 saw, and is comparable in terms of power, weight, and reliability. (Refurbished 1-year warranty). This saw, though no longer being manufactured, is available from us in refurbished configuration and is in like new condition


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