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  • Stryker 986 wheels (1 set of 5 replacement wheels)


    1 Set of (5) five wheels
    These are the correct size thread posts to fit the rolling stand which accompanied the Stryker 986 CastVac system.

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  • Stryker On/Off Power Switch


    Stryker On/Off Power Switch.
    This electro-mechanical switch fits the models Stryker 840,848,and 810 saws. It is a 120v,14amp capable control slim fit which is pre-wired for your convenience.  It is provided, as pictured with the required retention hardware. Installation should only be by “crimp “ connection to insure integrity and safety, and be performed by qualified biomedical technicians, or similarly trained personnel.

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  • Stryker 986 Vacuum Lid Hold-Down Hinge Set (1 side only/set)


    Lid Hinge replacement kit for Stryker 986
    You can replace lost, or broken lid hold-down hinges on your Stryker 986 vacuum. This kit provides one latch, (lid) and one catch (tank) with attachment screws.  

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  • Stryker 940/986 Cast Cutter Handpiece Dust Hose to Vacuum


    Stryker 986 CastVac replacement hose assembly. This is the replacement hose for the Stryker CastVac 986. It is pictured with the power cord cable straps, however they must be ordered separately. The replacement  hose is supplied without the cable straps. The Hose coupler-connectors which are on either end of the hose to connect to the saw, and dust vacuum are included.


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  • Stryker 940 Cast Cutter 120V Control Module (power output)


    940 Power Output board
    This unit controls the speed and power distribution for the cast cutter saw.

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  • Rubber Cable Power Cord Attachment Straps (1 set of 6)


    Universal Cable/power cord attachment straps (rubber) for associating the cast cutter saw power cord in parallel with the vacuum dust hose. This provides for easy movement around the patient when removing a cast; no tangles or tripping over cords which are not secured. These straps organize your cast cutter and dust collection hose and cord to prevent cord damage from wheels or hard shoes which can cut your power cord; or damage the outer insulation.

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  • Front Drive Assembly – Stryker


    Front drive assembly for Stryker 940
    This modular drive will replace broken, worn or damaged oscillation drive mechanisms for the Stryker 940 saw. The kit comes with the screws, and lubricant, and gasket needed to complete the exchange, and simple directions are provided. Please note that additional components (e.g. needle bearing, shaft oscillation cam) may be required if damaged or worn. If you are in doubt about the repairs need for your saw, call our technical staff for guidance or assistance. These parts are not returnable.

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  • American Orthopedic 295-200 Blade Hold-down Hrdwr


    This is the correct hardware for the American Orthopedic, BSN, Zimmer, DePuy, and M-pact (blue exterior paint color) saws. These saws were all made by American Orthopedic for several large orthopedic products companies. This set of “hold-down” components contains the three essential parts needed to secure the blade firmly against the shaft octagonal drive, to prevent unwanted rotation of the blade. Includes directions (diagram) for proper installation.

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  • Needle Bearing – Stryker


    Stryker 840,848,810 and others Needle Bearing
    The main bearing utilized in the front drive assembly of most all Stryker cast cutters and autopsy saw, is the needle bearing. This precision aircraft grade bearing transfers the rotational motion of the motor shaft cam to the blade shaft link  and is responsible for smooth energy transfer and smooth operation. This bearing will be damaged by “bogging down” the saw when cutting a cast. A damaged bearing must be replaced to allow for correct saw operation. A saw that gets loud; warm or hot to hold during operation , often has a damaged needle bearing. Other components may also require replacement in conjunction with the damage.

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