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  • Lipshaw Autopsy Saw, (New, in box)

    Lipshaw Autopsy Saw, (New, in box)

    This is a brand new autopsy saw originally made by M-Pact Worldwide, who made the same saw for a variety of large medical manufacturers under a “private label” license. You’ll recognize this same saw with the label Thermo-Shandon, Mopec, BSN, Zimmer, DePuy and several other well-respected  names on their labels. That’s good news, because once again, we’d point out that serviceability must be a paramount consideration when purchasing any machines. Any machine which cannot be repaired when a problem occurs has lost all value. Conversely, the machine which can be repaired again and again continues to provide reduced cost of ownership for as long as the machine is in service!
      This saw can be serviced today, tomorrow, and for many years to come. It uses all standard tri-drive autopsy blades.
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  • Stryker 810 Autopsy saw (refurbished, 1 year warranty)


    We specialize in the rebuilding/restoring the Stryker 810 Autopsy Saw. Because the Stryker saw is currently not in production, users are confronted with a conundrum; repair your broken saws, or purchase a “knock-off” saw from a lower quality provider at three times the price!

    We are masters at rebuilding cast saws and autopsy saws. We will restore your saw to “like new” condition at a fraction of the cost of a new saw. Your saw will be rebuilt and provided with a six month warranty, same as new!

    We rebuild your saw Stryker 810…………………………795.00 ea.

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  • Stryker 810 Autopsy Saw


    Stryker 810 Autopsy Saw. Powerful, and light-weight (4.5 lbs) it is the saw most pathologists used from the earliest times of their practice.It has the familiar “feel” and is easiest to clean. This tool can also be used in the veterinary profession as a TPLO saw as it readily adapt to the saw blades available for the procedure.

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