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  • Stryker 940-25 Stainless Steel Replacement Cast Saw Blade


    The Stryker 940 Stainless Steel cast saw blade is a basic, economical accessory hardened and tempered to provide durable cast removal in the general orthopedic and sports medicine environment. A lower cost blade that provides long life and aggressive response during fracture cast removal.

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    Stryker 940-35 Titanium Nitrided Replacement Cast Saw Blade


    The Titanium coating provides a lubricious surface which reduces friction at the Cast/blade interface. Lower blade temperatures and improved cutting characteristics provide lower operating temps and less strain on the saw motor. Another benefit to Ti is greater tooth hardness, resulting in longer blade life.

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  • Stryker 940 Cast Dust Collection Shroud REPAIR Kit


    This is the Stryker 940/986 cast cutter repair kit. It allows you to repair your broken dust collection shroud without having to send it out for repairs! In 90% of these cases where the dust collection shroud is broken off, this kit allows you to make the repair; simply, and easily! You save money on shipping! You don’t pay a flat repair charge. And you are back in business in about 15 minutes! Easy to read instructions show how simple the repair can be…with hardware and parts designed specifically to remedy this problem.

    If you have dropped your 940/986 cast cutter and the transparent dust collection shroud is damaged or broken, chances are pretty good that you can repair it “in-house”… (read product description)
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    Stryker 940-26 Replacement Cast Saw Blade


    The PTFE (Teflon) coated blade has been developed to provide a lower cost, low-temperature generating 940 replacement blade. This is particularly useful in pediatric applications, or simply any ortho clinic where particular attention is paid to blade cutting temperature over time. Thick casts, long leg casts, hip spicas, and body jackets are all time-consuming casts to remove, where build-up of heat at the blade/cast interface becomes a concern. Users have reported lower blade temps, likely attributable to the reduced friction generated between the Teflon coated blade surface and synthetic casting materials being transected. These blades also offer impressive durability.

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  • Stryker 940-23 Ion Nitrided Replacement Cast Saw Blade


    These blades are an updated DIRECT REPLACEMENT!  Please read on…

    This product is replacing the Stryker 940-23 Ion Nitrided cast cutter blade which has been out of production by Stryker for nearly 2 years, concurrent with the height of the COVID pandemic.  We have re-issued this blade using the same process and technology used by Stryker according to their specifications.  We make this replacement blade available ONCE AGAIN, for those users who seek maximum performance, minimal heat retention/generation and extended useful blade life cycle. This is THE ONLY 940-23 Ion Nitrided Blade in production for the Stryker 940 Saw at this time AND WE HAVE IT available for you.

    Packaged one blade per package.

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  • The BSN 2.5” Titanium Blade


    The BSN 2.5” Titanium blade is the most efficacious cast cutter blade for use with today’s hard synthetic casting materials. The blade is comprised of stainless steel opposed tooth cutting configuration that are plasma coated with Ti dioxide to create a very hard, and wear resistant coating. The titanium coating resists wear, and strengthens the blade teeth, which by themselves would dull more quickly without the benefit of the Ti coating. A side benefit to this coating is faster cutting, allowing for cooler blade temperatures; so “burning” a patient with a hot blade is far less likely. Shorter cutting times also translate into less strain on the cast saw motor; which over time can contribute to motor burnout. All said, this blade IS (in our opinion) worth the additional cost when all the benefits are considered!

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  • Stryker 840-23 Ion Nitrided Replacement Cast Saw Blade


    The Stryker 840-23 cast cutter blade provides maximum blade life with excellent performance in rapid, safe, cast removal. Boron nitriding provides a heat dissipating state of the art coating; while providing maximum tooth hardness which translates into extended blade life. Packaged one blade per package.

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