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  • Stryker 840 long cord cast cutter with accessories

    Stryker 840 Long Cord Cast Cutter with Accessories 


    We rebuild Stryker cast cutters to “like new” condition. This package is designed for the practitioner who is removing casts; perhaps on a house-call type basis, or in an office setting where an occasional cast is needed to be removed. Extra blades are included, with the required blade-change tool, and a cast spreader; an absolute must have item for easy, professional results. A Stryker saw is the undisputed leader in all things casting; and this investment is likely to be a one-time expenditure that will remain your “go to” saw for your entire professional career.

    As shown, includes everything you see pictured….
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  • BSN Bandage Scissors


    A professional quality version of the Esmarch Bandage scissor. A larger handle for greater fulcrum effect, resulting in easier cutting, and less hand fatigue. Surgical steel that retains sharpness cutting a variety of casting materials.

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  • Stryker 3/16 Hex Key


    If you have a Stryker 940 cast saw, you MUST have a blade change “key” to replace the cast saw blade at given intervals. This 3/16” Allen wrench with comfort handle is absolutely what you need!

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  • Companion Blade Wrench


    If you have older cast cutters which employ conventional style “blade nut” attachment hardware, you need an adjustable wrench to make blade changes. Order several to keep these handy and place one in each cast room!

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  • Stryker 82 Cast Spreader


    The model 82 hand-held cast spreader/breaker utilizes four (4) prongs or “teeth” to open a larger swath of cast with each application. A more efficient tool than the inexpensive variety (3) three-tooth spreaders that are significantly less effective. Most people who have used the Model 82 never go back to the three pronged types that are really inferior and more time consuming.

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  • Stryker 940 Cast Dust Collection Shroud REPAIR Kit


    This is the Stryker 940/986 cast cutter repair kit. It allows you to repair your broken dust collection shroud without having to send it out for repairs! In 90% of these cases where the dust collection shroud is broken off, this kit allows you to make the repair; simply, and easily! You save money on shipping! You don’t pay a flat repair charge. And you are back in business in about 15 minutes! Easy to read instructions show how simple the repair can be…with hardware and parts designed specifically to remedy this problem.

    If you have dropped your 940/986 cast cutter and the transparent dust collection shroud is damaged or broken, chances are pretty good that you can repair it “in-house”… (read product description)
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