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  • Mopec BD 040 Autopsy saw


    The Mopec BD040 is a powerful, mid-weight (4lbs.) saw designed for post-mortem examination (necropsy) and other forms of tissue processing, particularly involving bone. A variety of blade designs are available for specific types of specimen collection. The saw can be configured to drive a triangular arbored permanent mount blade, or through the use of an adaptor, accept the conventional  “cast cutter” type blade. Non-permanent arbor blades are often more economical than the permanent arbor type blades. As with most all “Made in the USA” orthopedic saws, it is infinitely repairable; making it an investment which can be amortized over many years. The cost of ownership is reflected in pennies when you consider that these saws are likely to be in service for decades, with reasonable care.

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