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  • Lipshaw Autopsy Saw, (New, in box)

    Lipshaw Autopsy Saw, (New, in box)

    This is a brand new autopsy saw originally made by M-Pact Worldwide, who made the same saw for a variety of large medical manufacturers under a “private label” license. You’ll recognize this same saw with the label Thermo-Shandon, Mopec, BSN, Zimmer, DePuy and several other well-respected  names on their labels. That’s good news, because once again, we’d point out that serviceability must be a paramount consideration when purchasing any machines. Any machine which cannot be repaired when a problem occurs has lost all value. Conversely, the machine which can be repaired again and again continues to provide reduced cost of ownership for as long as the machine is in service!
      This saw can be serviced today, tomorrow, and for many years to come. It uses all standard tri-drive autopsy blades.
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  • M-Pact 4183 Cast Saw 4183 (New, in box)

    M-Pact 4183 Cast Saw 4183  (New, in box) 

    A very popular cast cutter for the practitioner who needs to remove casts on an occasional basis, but not a volume like you might expect to encounter in a hospital or orthopedic clinic venue. A very reliable saw that has been around for more than 30 years, but is currently not in production. So, even though this saw is a rarity to find “brand new” we do have the ability to maintain it, or repair it if necessary. This saw, brand new, cost less than half of what you’d have to pay for a new, professional quality saw. Comes with extra blades, blade change wrench and user manual. Six month warranty.  Not applicable for P&O applications.
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  • MPact Light Duty Cast Cutter Saw (Refurbished)


    MPact Light Duty cast cutter saw. Because it is a good quality, powerful and well made tool, at a very reasonable price-point. It is very popular with medical professionals who need to remove a cast or two on occasion and do not have access to the additional resources needed for a higher quality product.
    This saw will get the job done and does have the ability to be coupled to a dust collection system as well. Many pro’s use them just as pictured above. Comes with the blade, and a blade wrench. The cast spreader in the photo is available at an extra charge.

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  • M-Pact 4183 Light Duty Cast Cutter Refurbished (Martin Medical)


    MPact Light Duty Cast Cutter Saw (Refurbished) suitable for occasional use in practices where fracture casting is not used frequently as a treatment modality.(6 month warranty). This saw is designed for the practitioner who occasionally needs a saw to remove a cast, but does not perform cast removal as a mainstay in their practice. Properly used, this saw is a very good tool for a back-up saw, as well.

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