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  • Stryker 840 long cord cast cutter with accessories

    Stryker 840 Long Cord Cast Cutter with Accessories 


    We rebuild Stryker cast cutters to “like new” condition. This package is designed for the practitioner who is removing casts; perhaps on a house-call type basis, or in an office setting where an occasional cast is needed to be removed. Extra blades are included, with the required blade-change tool, and a cast spreader; an absolute must have item for easy, professional results. A Stryker saw is the undisputed leader in all things casting; and this investment is likely to be a one-time expenditure that will remain your “go to” saw for your entire professional career.

    As shown, includes everything you see pictured….
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  • Stryker 986 CastVac ( as pictured, refurbished with 1 year warranty)


    The Stryker 986 CastVac is the most popular, most dependable, most powerful cast removal system ever made; by the original manufacturers of the very first electric cast cutter ever made. Stryker may have stopped production of these excellent machines, but our company The Cast Cutter Repair Center has designed a refurbishment program that restores these saws and vacuums to nearly new condition…

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  • Stryker 810 Autopsy saw (refurbished, 1 year warranty)


    We specialize in the rebuilding/restoring the Stryker 810 Autopsy Saw. Because the Stryker saw is currently not in production, users are confronted with a conundrum; repair your broken saws, or purchase a “knock-off” saw from a lower quality provider at three times the price!

    We are masters at rebuilding cast saws and autopsy saws. We will restore your saw to “like new” condition at a fraction of the cost of a new saw. Your saw will be rebuilt and provided with a six month warranty, same as new!

    We rebuild your saw Stryker 810…………………………795.00 ea.

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  • Stryker 986 wheels (1 set of 5 replacement wheels)


    1 Set of (5) five wheels
    These are the correct size thread posts to fit the rolling stand which accompanied the Stryker 986 CastVac system.

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  • Stryker 986 Vacuum Lid Hold-Down Hinge Set (1 side only/set)


    Lid Hinge replacement kit for Stryker 986
    You can replace lost, or broken lid hold-down hinges on your Stryker 986 vacuum. This kit provides one latch, (lid) and one catch (tank) with attachment screws.  

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  • Stryker 940/986 Cast Cutter Handpiece Dust Hose to Vacuum


    Stryker 986 CastVac replacement hose assembly. This is the replacement hose for the Stryker CastVac 986. It is pictured with the power cord cable straps, however they must be ordered separately. The replacement  hose is supplied without the cable straps. The Hose coupler-connectors which are on either end of the hose to connect to the saw, and dust vacuum are included.


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  • Front Drive Assembly – Stryker


    Front drive assembly for Stryker 940
    This modular drive will replace broken, worn or damaged oscillation drive mechanisms for the Stryker 940 saw. The kit comes with the screws, and lubricant, and gasket needed to complete the exchange, and simple directions are provided. Please note that additional components (e.g. needle bearing, shaft oscillation cam) may be required if damaged or worn. If you are in doubt about the repairs need for your saw, call our technical staff for guidance or assistance. These parts are not returnable.

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  • Stryker 810 Autopsy Saw


    Stryker 810 Autopsy Saw. Powerful, and light-weight (4.5 lbs) it is the saw most pathologists used from the earliest times of their practice.It has the familiar “feel” and is easiest to clean. This tool can also be used in the veterinary profession as a TPLO saw as it readily adapt to the saw blades available for the procedure.

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  • Stryker 840 Cast Cutter – Completely Refurbished Unit


    The finest Cast Cutter ever made. Eighty percent of these saws are still in service after 30 years in use. Powerful, ergonomic; durability and serviceability are qualities that make this saw timeless. This saw defies entropy, as it can be rebuilt over and over again. Never buy another cast cutter when you own one of these! Completely Refurbished Unit!

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  • Stryker 940 Cast Dust Collection Shroud REPAIR Kit


    This is the Stryker 940/986 cast cutter repair kit. It allows you to repair your broken dust collection shroud without having to send it out for repairs! In 90% of these cases where the dust collection shroud is broken off, this kit allows you to make the repair; simply, and easily! You save money on shipping! You don’t pay a flat repair charge. And you are back in business in about 15 minutes! Easy to read instructions show how simple the repair can be…with hardware and parts designed specifically to remedy this problem.

    If you have dropped your 940/986 cast cutter and the transparent dust collection shroud is damaged or broken, chances are pretty good that you can repair it “in-house”… (read product description)
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  • Stryker 940 Cast Cutter – Reconditioned/Certified


    A well maintained & completely reconditioned Stryker 940 Cast Cutter with an included ONE YEAR WARRANTY! As an added EXCEPTIONAL value, your purchase ALSO includes five (Stryker 940-25) cast cutter blades.
    We offer all service and support on these dependable machines because we ARE a repair company with over 40 years of experience servicing cast saws and the G.O.A.T. of the industry!  You are absolutely assured of on-going blade availability, as we stock all forms of blades, dust filters, hoses, rolling stand wheels, and more; (items too numerous to list)! These machines will be supported by us for MANY YEARS TO COME!

    JUST A REMINDER that ALL BLADES, and accessories are available and will be supported for many many years to come.
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